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Ready Made Tulip Hat 6

Ready Made Tulip Hat 6

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This tulip hat will keep you cosy and warm in cold weather. The natural colored  wool is lightweight and breathable, perfect for all-day or night wear. It features a striking, eye-catching tulip shape, offering stylishness as well as comfort. 

The hat is woven using varying colors of off white, peach, and some teal colors and is woven in a gradient style pattern. The hat features 6 panels all hand stitched together into this unique design. 


Hat is made to fit somewhat oversized and loose and can fit a variety of sized heads. Fits best on 23” head and will look oversized on smaller heads. 


Care for this hat by spot treating it with cold water only. Lie flat to dry and reshape using iron on wool settings. 

Treat similarly to other wool products. 

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