Learn More about My Practice

Come behind the scenes with me and learn more about the work that goes into each of my pieces. 


I try to use natural fibers as much as possible in order to limit my environmental impact. The majority of material that I use happens to be wool and more specifically merino wool. Wool is not only breathable, warm, and lightweight, but it is also fully biodegradable, a renewable resource, and can easily be recycled or reused easily. 

I love to use merino wool because it is super soft to touch and is extremely lightweight. 

Other materials I use often are cotton, hemp, and flax. 


I weave everything! I primarily use a rigid heddle loom. I have two Ashford Rigid Heddle looms each different widths. I will often times weave long sections. 

Once I have woven the fabric, I put my pieces through a wet felting process which binds the fibers together and creates my signature texture. I end up losing around 1/2 of my surface area in this process! 

After the material dries, I will then cut the pieces up and hand stitch them. 

Why do I do everything by hand?

I enjoy using my hands because it connects me immensely to my work. I am able to interact with each piece in a more meaningful way. 

Not only this but hand sewing reduces the use of machinery in my work making it a more sustainable choice. 

Weaving and hand stitching connects me to ancient pasts. These are two of the oldest craft/ art forms known to mankind!