About the Artist

Hi! My name is Rebecca Hesselink and I am a Philadelphia-based textile artist deeply inspired by the history of weaving and the traditional craft techniques passed down through generations. I also look towards the future, integrating this historic craft into sustainable, eco-friendly textile pieces that reflect our modern world.

My work focuses on creating wearable art pieces using wool, a versatile and sustainable material that I believe holds great potential for contemporary fashion design. Through my weaving technique, which dates back to the earliest known craft of humankind, I can create unique and intricate designs that draw inspiration from the world around me.

Streetwear fashion informs my silhouettes, reflecting the urban landscapes and cultures that shape our society today. By taking these elements and incorporating them into my weaving, I hope to create pieces that are both visually striking and meaningful in their cultural context.

Committed to sustainability, I use only natural fibers and minimize the use of machines in my work. The handcrafted touch adds a unique and personal element to each piece, and I take pride in making every stitch by hand. This reduces energy consumption and waste and allows me to connect more intimately with each garment I create. I ensure that my work has a minimal impact on the environment while still maintaining high quality and craftsmanship by sourcing materials locally and supporting small-scale farmers.

Ultimately, I see my work as a way to bridge the past and the present, connecting us to our ancient roots while pushing us forward into a more sustainable and equitable future. I hope that my work can inspire others to think more deeply about the materials and techniques that go into the clothing we wear every day.