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Ready Made Tulip Hat 1 (Alpaca, Shetland, Swaledale, Merino)

Ready Made Tulip Hat 1 (Alpaca, Shetland, Swaledale, Merino)

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A 6 panel neutral colored tulip hat. 

This hat is woven using Shetland, Merino, Alpaca, and Swaledale wool on a slub cotton warp. The fibers are felted together after weaving and then cut and hand sewn into this design. 

All panels are the same size so the brim is even all the way around. Every other panel features the woven “ends” to create added texture. There is also some added texture woven throughout the hat to create an extra “chunky” effect.

This hat is extremely fun, chunky, curly, hairy, and super unique. 

Hat can be worn comfortably next to skin, but if you’re worried about itch, I am happy to add in a cotton lining before shipping at no additional charge, just shoot me a message. 


Merino, Alpaca, Shetland, Swaledale wool 

Slub Cotton Warp 

Slub Cotton thread for sewing


Spot clean as needed using cold water 

Lie in “hat shape” to dry 

Iron using wool settings if necessary 

Size and Fit

Hat fits comfortably on a 22”-24” head, it offers some stretch and should fit (most) adult heads comfortably. 


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