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Ready Made Beret 1

Ready Made Beret 1

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Colorful woven beret construction with an 8 panel construction. 

The hat is filled with texture and colors. Blues, greys, greens, oranges, and reds. 

This beret was created by first weaving merino wool, cotton, and viscose together on a rigid heddle loom. Once woven, the fabric was put through a wet felting process which blends the fibers together to create fun texture and somewhat of a blended color look. Once the fabric dries, it is then cut and hand stitched. All work was done by the artist in her Philadelphia studio. 

Size and Fit 

Beret fits 23” around but is able to fit on smaller heads as well due to the nature of the shape. The hat offers some stretch but fits best on a medium/ large head. 


Spot clean using cold water only as needed. Use a warm iron to reshape also as needed. Due to the specific shape, try to store solo with nothing on top of the hat in order to keep the specific shape. 


Merino wool, organic cotton, a small amount of viscose 


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